Introducing Work/Place

April 12, 2021
Introducing Work/Place
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Introducing Work/Place, a podcast on where and how we work — with host, Sydney Allen-Ash, Lane founders, Clinton Robinson and Kofi Gyekye, and special guests. In each episode, you'll be immersed in a possible future of work, followed by a discussion exploring alternative visions of how things might unfold.  

Episode 000
Introducing Work/Place

Voice: Sorry to interrupt…

Syd: Welcome to Work/Place. We are going to be talking about all things, work-life balance… 

Clint: …things that we've created for workers. They're all aimed at that thought worker class. 

Radha: We’re not really talking about automation and how it's affected the non white-collar worker.

Syd: The relationship between time and work.

Shawn: I don’t know anyone who has the professional level of insight that an athlete has. 

Kofi: It’d be nice add the emotional layer to your communication style. 

Shawn: I've tried to lean away from big corporate having insights into my emotional state.

Syd: Workplaces in light of global climate crises. 

Ed: Probably the largest existential risk beyond all out nuclear war. Can you keep people employed when you're trying not to use them? Youth will not want to work in a dirty industry.  

Syd: What happens when digital and physical realities mix? 

Rahaf: You could create optimal personalities to give people that type of compassion, that type of support that's actually going to help us fix problems.

Syd: Radha Mistry, Sean Stewart, Edward Burtynsky, Rahaf Harfoush.  Brought to you by Lane.